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British Airways - Visit Britain

Flight Simulator

Role: Production Coordinator

Launch: February 2015

I was in a small team tasked with making a fun, interactive experience for British Airways and Visit Britain to use during touring trade shows and exhibitions. The result, was our British Airways, Britain flight simulator. Users were invited to pilot their own aircraft using a Leap Motion to fly around a stylised 3D Great Britain. The experience was guided with a pilots voice, giving you information about the locations you were flying over and encouraging you to find new destinations that BA service around the UK. The aim of this experience was to teach the user about other potential tourist destinations outside of London, specifically focused near airports serviced by British Airways.


This experience was eventually used by BA multiple times around the globe, and was designed to be easily shippable in a single flight case.

Agency Release: Framestore Labs

Images courtesy of Framestore, British Airways and Visit Britain

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