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Morgan Stanley

PGA, THE PLAYERS Championship, 2017

Role: On-Site Producer

Launch: May 2017

The Eagles for Impact challenge: a campaign run annually by Morgan Stanley to donate $5,000 for every Eagle scored, up to $250,000, to the Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. For this, we developed a real time dynamic application pulling data from the PGA Tour's API to count the total Eagles scored throughout the tournament and announce the current Morgan Stanley donation to the crowds of Sawgrass.

This was displayed on-site in Florida as well as live on the Morgan Stanley HQ signage in Times Square New York. In my role as On-Site Producer, I was responsible for bringing this project in to final delivery at Sawgrass TPC - installing hardware, testing on-site and maintaining throughout the duration of the project. The project was so successful it was revamped and launched again for the 2018 tournament. #EagleUp!

Agency Release: Framestore Labs

Client Release: Morgan Stanley

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