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Ford Motor Company

FordHub, NYC

Role: Producer

Launch: February 2017

Awards: Transform Events (Gold)

Ford is changing the way customers view their motor company and the first step of this was the opening of their Ford Hub in the World Trade Centers Oculus, New York. I worked as Producer to oversee and manage a team of technical and creative developers to launch three installations in their flagship store. Each installation focused on a different area of Ford's development;

  1. Real time mobility data - directed at informing the people of New York were their next ride was coming from

  2. Car configuration - for the guests to configure their perfect car and take it on a test drive

  3. Autonomous living - a demonstration of Ford's vision into an autonomous future.


As a team we also were the AV suppliers for the entire store, including supporting all hardware for the 2 years the store was open for.

Agency Release: Framestore Labs

Client Release: Ford Media CentrePSFK

Press: Cool hunting

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