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Nokia Bell Labs

Service and Slice Operations Center

Role: Sr Technical Program Manager

Launch: April 2018 - Present

Working alongside Nokia Bell Labs networking experts and leadership stakeholders, we have launched multiple iterations of the Service and Slice Operations Center (SSOC), strategically improving and developing the experience based off customer feedback and industry developments (the launch of 5G). We are currently in the process of deploying our 4th iteration of the SSOC which will launch summer 2020.


The product itself is designed to function as an interactive sales tool allowing Nokia to demonstrate to clients how optimizing their networks within different scenarios can lower their TCO and allow them to be future thinking for their end users.

The SSOC is directly visited by thousands of clients from around the world and is the first room as part of a wider Future X Lab experience open at Nokia Bell Labs, Murray Hill.

Further information can be found HERE.

Images courtesy of Fake Love and Nokia Bell Labs

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