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Tate Modern

Explore Spaces

Role: Producer

Launch: June 2016

Press: Creative Review, ALPHR, AV Magazine.

Following from my previous projects working directly with Tate Modern curators, I worked alongside our Lead Creative Technologist to develop two interactive rooms to feature in the launch of their highly anticipated, multi-million pound new building, 'The Switch House'. One room focused on a specifically user driven experience, with guests triggering content around the space using sonar sensors, and having their own dedicated content viewing via projectors and directional audio speakers. The second room hosted 5 projectors mounted around a room, 2 allowing video playback spanning a full 25ft high wall and 3 to project a stylised, dynamic graphic of the world across the spaces floor. Each of these rooms gave the client full content control via a high level CMS.

Agency Release: Framestore Labs

Client Release: Explore Performance, Explore International

Images courtesy of Framestore and Tate Modern

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