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Tate Modern

Timeline of Modern Art

Role: Producer

Launch: August 2015

Awards: Art of Creativity Awards, Kinsale Shark (Silver)

Although Tate Modern is one of the largest galleries in London, it's collection of over 3500 pieces is too extensive to fit all in one place. We were asked by Tate Modern to develop an interactive user experience, allowing visitors to look at every piece of artwork in their collection - including images, video and text. The result was a 20ft touch screen, with individual explorable spaces for up to five groups of people. 

We a beautiful visualisation to represent all pieces of artwork, that when touched would open a portal holding further information about the origins of the chosen piece and if/where it is displayed throughout the gallery. All hardware was custom built and installed by our team to ensure reliability for the millions of annual visitors to the Tate Modern.

Agency Release: Framestore Labs

Client Release: Timeline of Modern Art

Images courtesy of Framestore and Tate Modern

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